Looking Back

Dear Teenage Sabrina,

If you keep eating like that you will grow up to be a big cow. So quit it. Your grown up self does not appreciate having to lose all the weight now. You aren't fat (yet). I don't know why your self esteem is low. There really is no reason for it. Don't feel so bad about yourself. Life is way too short.

Don't start smoking. It's not good for you and it's a pain in the ass to quit. Your breath will stink, your teeth will look like crap and your hair will smell like an ashtray. You will spend a lot of time by yourself away from the group since no one else will be a smoker. Cigarettes are going to get very very expensive and you will be poor. It does not make you look more grown up or cool. It makes you look like a stupid kid. So don't even go there.

Butt out of Vickie's life. Save your breath. She will not listen to you, so let her make her own mistakes. And saying "I told you so" is not attractive. I know it may not seem so now, but you 2 will grow to be a lot closer. She will start looking up to you, so be a good example for her.

Be nicer to all your sisters. You're the oldest and you should know better. Amy is young and so willing to please. You should not take advantage of her sweet nature. She could grow up resenting you, but she won't because she's so much better of a person than you (for now). Oh and when she says she's got the shotput, she doesn't. Don't let go. It'll hurt her toe. A lot. And you know that defense mechanism you have (the uncontrollable laughing)...it will make her feel worse. And you will feel like an ass.

While we're at it, don't tell Tess you don't like her haircut. She'll get pissed at you. And really, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. And oh! Don't make out with that guy at homecoming. You will regret it the next day. And for the rest of your life. Cuz ewww.

There are more things that I could tell you to avoid, but I think they would change who you end up being. And I don't want that. I like us (for the most part). And what I don't like, I'll change. And you should too.

Older Sabrina

This letter is inspired by this weeks writing challenge from Amy at the cafemom group.


Amy said...

Good advice!

Thanks for participating!

Miss said...

Love it! Great post!

Misguided Mommy said...

ohhh seriously i wish someone would have told my teenage self to stop relying on mcdonalds and milkshakes in high school...i too hate her every time i try and diet. asshole skinny little bitch teenage shannon