Shhh...Don't tell Tony

I complain about cleaning all the time. Who doesn't? In fact, when I was younger you couldn't get to me to clean anything. My room was always piled high with clothes. For a long time I didn't know what color carpet I had. It was that bad. I have 3 sisters and we once shared one bathroom (so I can't be blamed alone). There was once a mushroom growing out of wet clothes on the floor. Do you know how long that must have taken?? Just thinking of it now makes me want to gag.

My secret is that now, I like cleaning. It makes me feel productive and proud of myself. And I HATE admitting this, but it makes me feel like a good little wife and OMG I need to move back to the 50's. Don't get me wrong, Tony cleans too. In fact, most wives would be jealous of me since Tony can sometimes clean more than me. But the way I complain about doing it all the time, you'd think it was going to cause cancer or something. Am whiny.

If Tony knew I really don't mind as much as I let on, he might expect to me do it more often (as in, when I don't feel like it cuz am still lazy) or, God forbid, NOT complain. No No, he must never find out since taking my right to complain is like taking my ice cream. I will shoot you in the hand if you take my ice cream. Too bad he could actually, possibly, maybe READ this blog.


zdoodlebub said...

I like cleaning, too. With everything going on in life, it is solitary time, you get immediate results and you don't have to rely on anyone else to get it done. There's major satisfaction in that, sister!

Joy said...

A mushroom?! Wow! I like to clean too! Am nerdy that way!

The O'Brien Family said...

I love the end result with cleaning, but I hate the process! But when I was on maternity leave I enjoyed it alot more because I was so bored! Now that I am back to work though, no way!

MommyJ said...

My family can always tell when I am angry or annoyed because I clean compulsively. Can't say I've ever grown a mushroom though... I wouldn't have even thought that could happen!

Miss said...

A mushroom? LMAO. Wow. Awesome.
I dont LOVE to clean, but I am a lot like mommyj because I clean really well when I am pissed.